Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gala Concert Dedicated Bank Account statement shows that more than $630,000 was deposited by Peter Paul towards concert production costs alone, not including the VIP reception for 1200 catered by Wolfgang Puck, the VIP Dinner for 600 by Puck, printing, artists' transportation and expenses and related expenses.

The absurdity of Hillary's campaign reporting that the TOTAL gala expense was $366,000, in its first FEC report filed two weeks before the election, is magnified by Hillary spokesman Howard Wolfson's admission to the Washington Post, three days after the event, that the event cost over $ 1 million and was an in kind contribution to her campaign. These facts confirm the fraudulent intent of Hillary's campaign to hide the true costs of her largest fundraising event from the voters and the FEC.

On December 13, 2005, Hillary's campaign treasurer Andrew Grossman, formally admitted in a settlement with the FEC that he had violated the Federal Election Law by hiding more than $720,000 of Paul's contributions in the three false FEC reports he signed and filed! This raises the question of Grossman's false testimony in the Rosen trial and his obstruction of the FBI investigation that led to Rosen's indictment and trial!

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