Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hillary Reports Celebrity Photog Annie Liebowitz' Contribution of Professional Services at FMV as Required by FEC Regs, But Hides Services Contributed through Peter Paul by Cher, Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Tony Braxton, Melissa Ethridge, Michael Bolton and Sugar Ray.
Hillary Clinton's campaign knew how to comply with Federal Election Regulations as shown by Hillary's report of professional services, valued at $2000 for each photograph taken by her friend and celebrity photographer Annie Liebovitz, of each $25,000 contributor to Hillary's campaign.

As required by FEC regulations, when professional services are contributed to help a federal candidate raise funds, those services must be reported as an "in kind" contribution by the service provider or producer, based on the fair market value of those services. However, when it came to the fair market value of the professional services that Peter Paul had eight international singing stars contribute to help Hillary raise hard dollar contributions through the Gala concert, no similar report was made!

Hillary witnessed the services being provided by Cher, Diana Ross, Patti La Belle, Tony Braxton, Melissa Ethridge, Michael Bolton, Sugar Ray and Paul Anka, and yet she did not have ANY of their service contributions reported as she did with Annie Liebovitz. This amounted to an additional $1 million in in kind contributions being hidden by Hillary's campaign.

After reading the trash that is still bein said about the Clintons. I believe that Peter Paul is 1- jealous of what the Clintons have done for our country, 2- Paul needs to get his head out of his butt and get a real job, 3-people like Paul need to mind there own business, who cares if someone does something you don't like and who cares if there well known, i don't, as long as that person is doing the job they were elected for. With everything going on in the world today, You Peter Paul are the last thing if i was anyone of the Clintons be worrying about. Get off your lazy butt and get a job and alife. To me with you doing all this on the internet, it just shows how small minded you really are. If you want money the best way to get it, is to work and bein on the internet, dishing out trash about someone is not a job, you may think it is, but it's not. If you want to say something real and worth reading, why don't you talk about how our men and women are dieing and for what? War to me is a crime. It's ok to kill others during a war, but it's a crime when someone shoots another. Write about that and something that makes since and not trash.
Hey creme for brains, the Clinton's did this to Paul and against all of America...The Clinton's Are Crooks. And thank you Peter Paul for sharing this story with the public. Idiots like creme here lack the common sense necessary to understand the implications of this scandal.
I find it amazing that I have not heard or read anything about this until my Father in law emailed me the video.
Haven't you felt there was just a little too much "back room boy' in Senator Clinton? I can't fault Bill. He never made himself out to be other than what and who he was. And I believe his dedication to the underdog was and is sincere. Just witness the incredible force he has been in organizing practical, real-world solutions based on compassion for the poorest of the poor. But, she is not him. She's not as bright, not as smart, and nowhere near as deep. She's ruled by an ambition which has already overtaken her.
WOW!!! Why isn't this report on CNN?
Lets all pretend that its ok for a president and his wife to clearly break the law. To do exactly what they swore to protect against by taking an oath to protect the constitution.
They have proven time and time again that the law as only broken if proven. How do you prove it, through the courts that they control? Do a little research and you will find that in every case the judge has made remarks to the jury that are considered grounds for appeal and even could be removed from the bench (freedom of information act). Or many time the cases are dismissed even before making it to trial. This is what me the people are willing to accept. We should all rebel and protest, but we are all to busy surviving to be bothered with the loosing of our freedoms while the criminals run free. I leave you with this thought.
If we don’t pay a parking ticket are we allowed to blame it on the car and just walk away with no repercussion?
I commend you Peter Paul for hopefully alerting the American people of this scandelous behavior of the Clintons. I can't understand why the media refuses to ring this out like they do Rev. Wright. He won't cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees like the Clintons did when they were in office. Once again they want to hide in the WH and do their dirty work and cost taxpayers. Keep up the good work. The DNC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing those with such record as the Clintons to be a canidate they represent the corruption in America and obviously they must have some kind of hold on the media and the DNC. So on behalf of myself and America I say THANK YOU!!!
The DNC wasn't lily white in this either. Ed Rendell was head of the DNC when all this went down. Do some digging in Google and you can see where the trail leads.

It's a disservice to the American people that Hillary Clinton didn't face at least three counts of fraud and continues to dodge this.

The court hearing on Paul VS Clinton won't happen until 2-3 days after the Pennsylvania primary.

Have the media been threatened with lawsuits or turn a blind eye to this for other reasons?
Hello, I heard about this story about 3 months ago. The best thing you can do to spread the word about this corruption is to blog on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and AOL. Tell people politly the web address that they can go to, to watch the video and read the facts. You'd be suprised how many people don't know about it. Put iton MY SPACE if you have it and send info to everyone you know by email, my space, or any other way you have to communicate with people. Then go to the state online newspapers that is holding the next primary and google to find their blog sites and tell people in that state what you know!! I understand that a court date will be set soon... and the Clinton's will be going to court in the next few months. She is not a nice person!!! And needs to be stopped...she is destroying the democratic party...not nice!! Take care and good luck.
I had no idea this story was out there, I really would like more information. Everyone is talking about Rev. Wright, but time and time again we see this pattern from the Clintons. When will america wake up, do we really want 4 years of this?
Peter Paul these people are worse than druglords and obviously they can out smart the american people with the amount of power they have while in office. If by any misfortune the Hill/bill are back in the white house I suggest you seek refugee status somewhere- they will come after you. That woman is a female Hitler, as for blogger creme" You are soo dense I hope you are not typical of the american people."
Wow can't understand why this isn't on every news channel and paper in the US..... Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!
Do you not believe this article about the Clintons because you truly believe that they are innocent? Or, do you just plan to support the Clintons, no matter what they do? The article is legit, and to be exact Peter Paul is not a bum, he has plenty of money to do and buy whatever he wants. Now Mrs. Clinton has a very long history of being dishonest. I know it is hard when you really want to believe in someone that you consider to have great character and integrity. But the facts are the facts.
If Hillary did nothing wrong, then why would she ask Paul to lie about his campaign financing for her?
Also, check out a few dishonest doings by Hillary:
1. She was fired by one of the prosecuters for hiding files from the Watergate Scandal.
2. She defended a rapist against a 12yr old girl and ended up putting the victim on trial.
3. When she worked for the Rose Law Clinic she hid files that proved the law firm was over billing their clients. Some of these files, along with Whitewater was discovered in a vacant room in the White House when Bill was pres.
4. Claimed that she and Chelsea were under sniper fire in Bosnia.
5. Lied that she did not know who Tony Rezco was. She and Bill posed with him for for the camera, during Bill run for pres.
If you do not believe me, just google. Believe me, you will get more than you bargained for.
keep talking and keep up the fight.
people will find out the truth and they must decide for themselves.
I admire your courage and persistence, whoever you are.
My hat goes off to Peter Paul.The information i just read really enlightened me on the unlawful activities of the Clintons. I happy that you have choisen to go on with this civil case. Anyone who has broken the law, as they have, deserves to be punished. No one is above the law, and that includes the Clintons. I can't understand why Hillary doesn't have to testify, in court and under oath, until after the November election. I wish you good luck and much ssuccess in this case. I do not feel, in any, that you are jealous of the CLINTONS. yOU ARE DOING WHAT IS RIGHT. Why hasn't the media informed the public about the Clinton"s unlawful act of crime?
Here is link to the video on Youtube
Here is link to the video on Youtube
Please, can somebody send this to Sean Hannity and see if he will talk about it for three hours on his radio show and another hour on his tv show, every single day. I MEAN fox IS FAIR AND BALANCED RIGHT. Is he out to get Obama or what, I've never seen anything like it, since Rush's tv show jumping on these same Clintons, EVERY SHOW!!
Bonnie and Clyde ride again. The Clintons are be the biggest frauds and really represent what's bad with us as a society that they are so filled with greed and power for politics that they would do anyting and say anything. Where is CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX etc. on this story? Waiting until Indiana and North Carolina to report??????

Our media outlet is a joke!!!!!! God Bless Obama and God help America.
If this stuff were true Obama's people would be all over it. They are not above mud sliging.
There are none so blind as those that do not see. Creme is a fool. Clinton like the rest are dirty and should be prosecuted for their crimes. All politicians should pay for their crimes as the rest of us do.
There are none so blind as those that do not see. Creme is a fool. Clinton like the rest are dirty and should be prosecuted for their crimes. All politicians should pay for their crimes as the rest of us do.
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creme you have the brain of a peanut. If the Clintons lied to your face you would still vote for them. I had no sex with that woman. Is that the job we elected them to do get a blow job in the Oval Office. debunk that! And what about the military secrets that Bill gave to China. We care. Peter nail the b. As for war crimes He had the chance to get Ben Ladin 30 times. Each time No. You need to do your homework. The Clintons support NWO. Hope you like having a chip in you. They or in with Al Gore and HAP. He lied and was caught. He did nothing for the country. Except help Bush get us to were we or now. What about using 30 million of the tax payiers money to want to build a office in Harlem. And he did run to Cananda avoiding the draft. You have a real life hero there. Look at the resume then put others down. Lazy? Peter Paul was the one starting a buiness. And yes look at what Hillary Voted for. The war in Iraq. It cab be found on People like you live in denil of facts. Probaly a Tea party memember. Just to inform you the health bill Obama started was the same Bill that Kennedy wad worked on 40 years.
I can't believe how many people fall for such a lier. I did Not have Sex with that woman. Lie 1. I did everything to get Ben Ladin. 30 times not 1 shot. Lie 2. I have no conections with Al Gore. MMMM Why is on the board with HAP. Al is CEO. lie 3. Maybe ya;ll have the hots for him. Was he a vet. No he ran to Cananda. So he did alot for the country. Bush did to. failed a drug test I won't even start on him. Far as lazy. Peter was starting a busniess. Clinton? He steals your money and has a great job doing it. Believe what you want. Your life style ends at 2012 Thanks to every President since Kennedy. I'm almost dead anyway. Me it won't matter. You ha have to live thru it. Welcome to the NWO. And have fun in the Fema coffins.
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