Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This document confirms the incorporation of Venture Soft USA by Clinton intimate Jim Levin in November, 2000. It was discovered by Paul in legal files he obtained in March, 2005. . This confirms that Jim Levin, who President Clinton designated as his liaison and "eyes and ears" to deal with Peter Paul on Clinton's behalf, secretly arranged for Clinton to become a business partner with Paul's Japanese partner, Tendo Oto, introduced to Clinton and Levin by Paul in August, 2000.
After Paul arranged for President Clinton to override Secret Service and FEC prohibitions for Oto to attend the Hollywood Gala fundraiser for Hillary, and to waive contribution requirements for Oto to accompany Paul to attend a reception at Barbara Streisand's, reserved for million dollar contributors to Clinton's library. Paul then arranged an invitation for Oto to attend Clinton's last State Dinner at the White House in September, 2000. Oto was escorted by Levin to the State Dinner for India and was seated at the table next to the President. He was given a midnight private tour of the Oval Office where Oto was allowed to sit behind the President's desk for a photo opportunity to benefit Oto's IPO offering in Japan. In October, Levin secretly traveled to Japan, after Paul objected to Levin's violating his non-circumvention agreement with Paul, and delivered photos of Oto with the President. Oto paid Levin $100,000 and secretly agreed to partner with Levin and Clinton and abandon his partnership with Paul and Stan Lee Media so that he could get the President's help with his stock promotion in Japan.
Oto then reneged on his commitment to invest another $5 million in Paul's company in November, and authorized Levin to incorporate his US subsidiary, Venture Soft USA, with Levin as managing director.
This document, along with Levin's testimony at the trial of Hillary finance director David Rosen, corroborates Paul's civil suit claims against Clinton, Levin and Hillary for conspiring to defraud him by interfering with his business partner and seducing him to abandon supporting Paul's company with needed cash, resulting in the crash of Paul's company in December, 2000.

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