Monday, October 03, 2005

Clinton and the Pauls at Their First DNC Fund Raiser, February 13, 2000. Paul Co-Hosted with Baby Face Edmunds, is befriended by DNC Chair Ed Rendell where Paul becomes groomed by Rendell to be one of top five DNC contributors Posted by Picasa

Bill Clinton With Paul and Pregnant Wife at Barbara Streisand's FundRaiser for Bill's Library- Bill Introduced the Pauls to Barabara as Hillary's Largest Contributor Posted by Picasa

Paul (Next To Hillary for 2 Hours) at First Fundraiser He Hosted For Hillary, at Spago, June 9, 2000. Posted by Picasa

Signed Tribute Program By Bill Clinton to Paul and his Wife Posted by Picasa

Oto Is Seated at Paul's Direction Directly Behind the First Family Defying All Secret Service Protocol for Undocumented Alien Access to the President Posted by Picasa

Hillary's Staff (Finance Dir David Rosen, Chief of Staff Kelly Craighead, Presidential Liaison Jim Levin, Arron Tonken) Smuggle's Paul's Japanese Partner Oto Into Fundraiser Posted by Picasa

Paul Welcomes Bill Clinton to His Seat as Brad Pitt Applauds Posted by Picasa

Gala Tribute program Confirms Paul's Gift of the Gala Posted by Picasa

Paul VIP Dinner Guest John Travolta Toasts President at Head Table With Cher Posted by Picasa

Paul Welcomes Hillary in Prelude to Welcome Kiss Posted by Picasa

President Clinton Confirms $15 million Offer By Paul for Post White House "Rainmaking" Posted by Picasa

Hillary Greets Producer Gary Smith at June 9, 2000 Fundraiser Paul Hosted. This set the stage for Gary Smith becoming THE smoking gun that can link Hillary to three false FEC reports. On July 14, 2000, Smith met with Paul, Rosen and Tonken over lunch at Le Dom Restaurant to discuss how much the Gala Concert would cost. Smith's turn key fee of $850,000 was refused by Paul and Hillary Clinton personally intervened, calling Smith that night to reduce his fee because hillary insisted on Smith producing the event at Paul's expense. The following day Rosen called Paul and said that Smith relented after Hillary spoke to him, and reduced his fee by $50,000. ALL participants have since lied about this sequence of events, except that Smith admitted to 60 Minutes scion Mike Wallace that this in fact happened.

Rare Kiss From First Lady For Paul's Underwriting Her Largest Fundraiser Posted by Picasa

Hillary Finance Director Preparing to Smuggle Paul's Japanese Business Partner Tendo Oto Into Federal Fundraiser Without Social Security Number or Security Clearance Posted by Picasa

Bill Clinton Happy as A Clam After Dinner Discussions About $15 Million Contract With Paul Posted by Picasa

Paul and Partner, Spider Man creator Stan Lee, Co-Hosts for Hollywood Gala Underwritten Entirely by Paul . Stan Lee testified under oath that the $100,000 contribution attributed to him to benefit Hillary's campaign on July 28, 2000, was in fact contributed by Paul who traded checks with Lee. Lee and Paul advised the FEC about this violation of FEC Regulations, but the FEC took no action.Posted by Picasa

Michael Bolton Performs for the First Family Posted by Picasa

Clinton Personal Sec Betty Curry Meets Pauls at Gala after Serving as Paul's Liaison with Clinton Posted by Picasa

President Discusses Post White House Days with Paul and Wife Andrea Posted by Picasa

Paul's Deal With Clinton Sealed with a Kiss from Paul's Wife After Three Hour Dinner "Meeting" Posted by Picasa

Paul Controlled Seating For Gala, Placed Clinton Pal Jim Levin Next to Him Posted by Picasa

People Magazine Captured Paul Seated With Bill,Hillary and Chelsea for Three Hour Concert Posted by Picasa

Paul and Wife Pose With Senate Candidate at VIP Dinner Reception Posted by Picasa

Paul Partner Stan Lee With New and Old Creations Posted by Picasa

Paul's Old and Close Friend Muhammad Ali Poses for Bill at VIP Dinner Posted by Picasa

Paul Anka Sings Special Version of "My Way" For Pres Clinton at Paul's Gala Posted by Picasa

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