Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Clintons, Pauls and Jim Levin sit together at the Hollywood Gala Farewell Concert Salute to President Clinton , August 12, 2000.

It was the largest event ever produced for a US President in Hollywood, it was the largest private concert produced closed to the public and it was the largest fundraising event ever produced for a Senator. It also became a federal crime when Hillary Clinton's campaign hid the source and amount of Peter Paul's $1.2 million plus expenditures for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

US Magazine August 28, 2000 shows Peter Paul's Japanese partner Tendo Oto, with his interpreter VP Johnathan Rodgers, sitting behind the Clintons at the Gala Concert Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton (Event 39) paid for and produced by Paul. Oto was prohibited from attending and/or contributing to a federal fundraising event and he was unable to be vetted by the Secret Service because he had no Social Security number. He was "smuggled" in by Clinton agents Rosen, Levin with the approval of the Clintons because of his business relationship with Paul and through him the Clintons.

James Levin was detailed by President Clinton on July 5, 2000, to be his liason, and "eyes and ears" in vetting and being an intermediary and business agent for Clinton with Peter Paul.

Levin confirmed this in his testimony in the trial of Hillary finance director David Rosen in May, 2005.

Levin befriended Paul's japanese business partner and investor Tendo Oto at the direction of President Clinton, under the pretext of vetting Paul's business, and the Clintons enabled levin to use the last White House State Dinner and Oval Office photos to seduce Oto into reneging on Peter Paul's business deal for Oto's company in the US, so that Oto would partner with Levin and the Clintons depriving Paul's public company of a second tranche of $5 million in investments promised in November, 2000

This memo confirms that Peter Paul's japanese business partner's intention was to establish two joint ventures with Stan Lee media. The first was an Asian partnership to distriubute Stan Lee Media content in Asia. This was announced on August 20, after tendo Oto invested $5 million in Stan Lee Media on August 15, 2000. The second joint venture referred to in this memo was for a US subsidiary of Venture Soft in partnership with Stan Lee Media which would promote and distribute Venture Soft's anime and manga productions in the US.
In November, 2000, just days after Hillary's November 7, 2000 election to the Senate, the Clinton's admitted agent Jim Levin incorporated Venture Soft USA in Illinois November 13, 2000, secretly. Because of Levin's lack of any business experience ( beyond selling fences for his parents' fence company and owning the Doll House strip club) it is clear he was selling his relationship with the Clintons and their "silent partnership" to Oto.

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